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Detainee interviewed at Camp Delta, Guantanamo does not complain of his own treatment, but does relate a story he heard occurred at Guantanamo where a female interrogator removed her blouse, embraced the detainee from behind and put her hand ...

Jan. 02, 2007
Non-legal Memo, Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Physical assault, Sexual, Threat, Assault/death, Other Humiliation, Sexual, Religious
USMC Investigation into incident of abuse where a superior officer ordered a subordinates to take a detainees’ money, strip them naked to their underwear and release them in their underwear. Some soldiers protested. Investigator recommends ...
May 15, 2006
Non-legal Memo, Investigative File
John F. Kelly
Threat, Assault/death, Nudity
This Article 15 procedure was brought against a soldier who was present during an interrogation of a detainee at a jail facility in Iraq. The soldier was accused of punching the detainee with a closed fist; firing a weapon near his head; and ...
Feb. 15, 2006
UCMJ (Article 15)
General, Assault/death, Family/others, Physical assault, Threat
This Army memorandum concerns dismissing certain charges against certain soldiers involved in detainee abuse to avoid Court-Martial proceedings and the legal consequences of such an action. The contents of the memo refers to the soldiers ...
Feb. 15, 2006
Legal Memo, Interview (Statement), UCMJ (Court-Martial)
Raymond Odierno
Raymond T. Odierno
Physical assault, Face slap or insult slap, General, Assault/death, Use of phobias, Threat
This document is a letter from the defense counsel of an accused soldier for an adjournment in the proceedings for the soldier to be assigned new defense counsel and to allow that new counsel to prepare for trial in the matter. The facts of the ...
Feb. 15, 2006
Non-legal Memo, Letter, UCMJ (Article 32)
Sexual, Assault/death, Family/others, Hooding/Goggling, Physical assault, Threat, Environmental manipulation
This investigative report was generated by the Criminal Investigative Task Force (CITF) Report of Investigative Activity and the Navy Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). The detainee maintains his innocents and requested to take a ...
Dec. 21, 2005
Investigative File, Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Threat, Assault/death
This investigative report was generated by the Criminal Investigative Task Force (CITF) and the interview was conducted by Criminal Investigative Task Force Saudi Team (LSA-1) along with Air Force Office of Special Investigation (AFOSI) and the ...
Dec. 21, 2005
Investigative File
Physical assault, General, Threat, Assault/death
This transcript of an interview with a First Sergeant of the 314th Military Police Company; 320th Battalion details his deployment, training and equiping his unit for deployment to Iraq in January 2004. His unit was deployed to Camp Bucca, Iraq ...
July 30, 2005
Interview (Transcript)
Physical assault, General, Assault/death, Use of phobias, Threat
Memo from General Miller re: Allegations of inhumane treatment of detainees. General Miller directs the interrogators at Guantanamo to cease the use of the "Fear-Up Harsh" interrogation; only DOD personnel may approve interrogation plans; ...
Article 32 Proceeding Charge Sheet for charges against Scott McKenzie for his role in abusing detainees at Abu Ghraib prison. The charges are: 1) dereliction of duty; 2) maltreatment of detainees (three counts); 3) aiding and abetting in ...
July 01, 2005
UCMJ (Article 32)
Janis Leigh Karpinski, Scott A. McKenzie
Physical assault, Threat