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Email with an executive summary of investigation into the death of an Iraqi enemy prisoner of war. Obeed Hethere Radad was confinded in an isolation cell with his hands secured. A guard claimed he thought Radad was trying to escape and shot him ...
Apr. 05, 2005
Investigative File (CID), Email
Obeed Hethere Radad
Physical assault

Investigation into the death of detainee Obeed Hethere Radad at Camp Packhorse, Tikrit, Iraq. A specialist from the 4th Fwd. Support. Bn., 4ID, shot and killed Mr. Radad, without first issuing warnings as required under the Rules of ...

Nov. 08, 2004
Investigative File (CID), Photograph
Jacqueline J. Scott, Kevin J. Palgutt, David A. England
Obeed Hethere Radad
Physical assault, Other