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This report discusses an investigation into the alleged abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility. The investigation was ordered initially by LTG Ricardo S. Sanchez, Commander, Combined Joint Task Force Seven (CJTF-7). LTG Sanchez ...

Sworn statement by a detainee who claimed to have served in the Iraqi Army as a technician. Detainee states that he was handcuffed and had a bag put over his head. He was held "for 17 days" with a bag over his head, "handcuffed to the floor." ...
June 30, 2006
Interview (Statement)
Physical assault, Sexual, General, Threat, Assault/death, Use of electricity, Dietary manipulation

Sargent Travis was accused of cruelty; maltreatment; attempted assault by battery; conspiracy to maltreat; and dereliction of duty. Specifically, he conspired, witnessed and encouraged electrocution of a detainee by PFC Andrew J Sting, then ...

June 15, 2006
Photograph, UCMJ (Court-Martial)
Matthew K. Travis
Physical assault, Threat, Assault/death, Use of electricity
Report on an informal investigation conducted by Brigadier General Richard P. Formica into specific allegations of detainee abuse within CJSOTF-AP [Combined Joint Special Operating Task Force – Arabian Peninsula] and 5th SF [Special Forces] Group ...
Translator tells of incident during interrogation states that when they stepped away from the interview booth Special Forces members entered the booth; all crouched around the prisoner; blew cigarette smoke in his face; and threatened him. The ...
Dec. 21, 2005
Investigative File, Interview (Transcript)
Physical assault, General, Threat, Assault/death, Use of electricity
This US Marine Corp spreadsheet lists twenty (20) cases of alleged detainee abuse. The table of cases includes ten (10) substantiated incidents and ten (10) unsubstantiated incidents. The incidents include: beating detainees with fists; holding ...
Nov. 23, 2004
Physical assault, Sexual, General, Threat, Assault/death, Use of electricity
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