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An email between members of the Staff Judge Advocate, forwarding a Washington Post article titled "Documents Helped Sow Abuse, Army Report Finds," from August 30, 2004.

Interviewee worked in in-screeing and interrogation operations. Recalled an incident at Camp Cropper Baghdad International Airport, where interrogators with teh 519th MI Brigade put a detainee in a stress position, he was on his knees with his ...
Mar. 03, 2005
Interview (Transcript)
Thomas Pappas, George R. Fay, Ricardo Sanchez
Physical assault, Stress positions, Use of phobias, Sleep deprivation, Isolation, Nudity, Other Humiliation
Memo contains notes from a Procedure 15 interview of official conducted by George Fay and [redacted]. In the memo, the interviewee stated he arrived to AG in early November 2003 as an interrogator. Stated he had no knowledge of detainee abuse, ...
Mar. 03, 2005
Non-legal Memo, Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Thomas Pappas, Ricardo Sanchez, George R. Fay
Physical assault, Use of phobias, Nudity, Other Humiliation, Sexual
Interviewee was assigned to AG in October 2003 as a member of the Tiger Team. Interviewee recalled an interrogation where a member of the interrogation team was among those attacked/injured in an earlier mortar attack believed to be perpetrated ...

This report discusses an investigation into the alleged abuse of detainees at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility. The investigation was ordered initially by LTG Ricardo S. Sanchez, Commander, Combined Joint Task Force Seven (CJTF-7). LTG Sanchez ...