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This document contains interview notes of a redacted official discussing their knowledge of the events surrounding Gul Rahman's death. The interview discusses different detention conditions at the COBALT site and the kinds of conditions Gul ...
Sept. 02, 2016
Cable, Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Bruce Jessen
Gul Rahman
EIT, Sleep deprivation, Isolation, Dietary manipulation, Environmental manipulation, Light or sound, Temperature, Nudity
This document is a "CaseMaps Facts report" providing information on an interview with a redacted source. It provides dates and times, summaries, and sources for all statements. The interviewee states that he observed a variety of torture, ...
Dec. 07, 2010
Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Family/others, Light or sound, Temperature, Nudity, Other Humiliation, Threat, Environmental manipulation
This document is a statement signed by an FBI Special Agent in the presence of a Supervisory Special Agent. The agent recounts their assignment by the Defense Humint Services Headquarters to lead a Humint Augmentation Team in support of a special ...
Collection of five (5) sworn statements about abuse in detention facilities in Iraq, attached to ACLU-RDI 2493. None of the statements report witnessing any physical abuse at Abu Ghraib, but all recount claims by detainees of abuse at other ...
June 30, 2006
Interview (Statement)
George R. Fay
Physical assault, Face slap or insult slap, Sexual, General, Threat, Family/others, Use of phobias, Nudity, Other Humiliation, Sexual
Sworn statement by a screener at Abu Ghraib prison regarding two (2) Iraqi women and their two (2) brothers detained at Abu Ghraib prison in January 2004. States, "One [brother] said he was raped with a bottle, and they mentioned another brother ...
June 30, 2006
Interview (Statement)
Physical assault, Sexual, General, Nudity, Sexual, Other Humiliation
Sworn statement of an Operations Sergeant who discusses interrogation practices. Refers to a detainee, "our number one target," who was captured by Iraqi police, who "beat [redacted] with the pistol to the point where his head was split open in a ...
June 30, 2006
Interview (Statement)
Physical assault, General, Assault/death, Light or sound, Hooding/Goggling, Nudity, Threat, Environmental manipulation
Interview of a detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. The detainee was asked about his affiliation with the Taliban/Al Qaeda. The detainee stated that he "did not use anti-American rhetoric in his lectures." Also stated that in Bagram, he was ...
May 18, 2005
Non-legal Memo, Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Interview of a detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. The detainee was visably sick when interviewed, and remained so through out. Detainee stated that he had no connection to terrorism and knew nothing about the September 11, 2001 attacks other ...
May 18, 2005
Non-legal Memo, Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Stress positions, Sleep deprivation, Nudity, Other Humiliation, Sexual
Interview of detainee at Camp Delta, Guantanamo bay. The purpose of the interview was for the new interviewing agents to build rapport with the detainee and encourage his continued cooperation. The interviewers told the detainee that he needs to ...
May 18, 2005
Non-legal Memo, Interview (Summaries/Notes)
Environmental manipulation, Light or sound, Nudity, Other Humiliation, Sexual
Fax of a sworn statement which describes soldiers having photographs of naked female prisoners and being instructed by superiors to delete all such photographs from their computers in case of investigation. related to CID investigation. ACLU RDI 64.
May 16, 2005
Investigative File (CID), Interview (Statement)
Nudity, Other Humiliation, Sexual