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This is an NCIS investigation into the death of Abu Bachir, a Syrian National. Marines and Iraqi National Guard Forces (ING) stopped and searched a vehicle coming from the direction of Syria. A Red Opal a taxi with three (3) passengers. As the ...
Jan. 21, 2011
Investigative File (NCIS), Notes, Photograph, Medical (Autopsy, Death Certificate), Interview (Transcript, Statement, Summaries/Notes)
Abu Bachir
A Military Intelligence Officer was interviewed at Camp Victory by Major General Fay in regards to interrogation plans in place at Abu Ghraib Prison in 2003. The deponent discussed his arrival at Abu Ghraib and the duties he performed while ...
Mar. 03, 2005
Interview (Transcript, Statement)
George R. Fay
Use of phobias, Sleep deprivation, Nudity

Interview summary of First Lieutenant conducted by a team of officers at the direction of Major General Antonio Taguba. The 1LT was in charge of the Internal Reaction Force (IRF), and provided escort guards within the confines of Abu Ghraib ...

Mar. 03, 2005
Interview (Transcript, Statement)
Antonio Taguba
Antonio Taguba, David D. McKiernan, Thomas Pappas
Physical assault, General, Assault/death, Threat

Telephonic interview of a Military Intelligence interrogator (Rank & Rate unknown) regarding detainee interrogations at Abu Ghraib prison. The MI Interrogator stated "I never placed any of my detainees on sleep deprivation. I did use a stress ...

Mar. 03, 2005
Non-legal Memo, Interview (Transcript, Statement)
Stress positions, Sleep deprivation, Isolation, Nudity, Other Humiliation
Testimony of Mr. John Israel. Mr. Israel is a US Civilian Contract linguist/Interpreter hired by the Department of Defense through the Titan Corporation and assigned to the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade to assist in detainee interrogations ...
Oct. 19, 2004
Interview (Transcript, Statement)
Antonio Taguba, David D. McKiernan, John Israel, John P. Abizaid, Thomas Pappas