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National Security Council Fax Cover Sheet with the comment "Here is an Advanced Copy of the Memorandum That Will Be Sent to Your Principals Later This Afternoon." No further comments. No attachments.
Email from Robert Harris forwarding an email with and attached news article entitled "Pentagon Report set framework for use of torture."
State Department emails between JoAnn Dolan, James H. Thessin, Todd Buchwald, Waldo Brooks and Others re: Secretary's Meeting with International Red Cross (ICRC) President Kellenberger.
Email from Ed Cummings with attachment of a presentation entitled: The War Against Terrorism and Combatants for delivery to a Canadian delegation.
Dec. 30, 2004
Ed Cummings
James H. Thessin
James H. Thessin, Edward R. Cummings, Barbara Barret-Spencer
Email from Robert K. Harris reads: "For your information and possible L/PM and/or L/FO coordination." The original email is a "Press Gaggle" by Scott McClellan, it includes three questions about the International Committee of the Red Cross' ...
This email from JoAnn Dolan forwardeding a transcript of UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's statements regarding UK citizens detained at Guantanamo.
Email indicates that a document regarding a "torture notional statement" is attached. [Document is not included].
Emails discuss a news article and a Meet the Press interview. The original email states "Newsweek reports that they have obtained a series of OLC memos from the fall of 2001 forward, quotes a State Department lawyer as saying "we were horrified" ...
Email refers to an attachment, which is a draft guidance on L memos as reported in a Washington Post report. Ms. Dolan's comments are: "Attached for input/clearance is draft guidance on L memos as reported in today's Washington Post report. We ...
Emails discuss and include a cable from the U.K. Bar Association Chair and others expressing their opinion on interrogation methods utilized by the U.S. military in Iraq and Guantanamo. The U.K. Bar Association Chair stated that the "extreme ...
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