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State Department emails between JoAnn Dolan, James H. Thessin, Todd Buchwald, Waldo Brooks and Others re: Secretary's Meeting with International Red Cross (ICRC) President Kellenberger.
This email from JoAnn Dolan forwardeding a transcript of UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw's statements regarding UK citizens detained at Guantanamo.
Emails discuss and include a cable from the U.K. Bar Association Chair and others expressing their opinion on interrogation methods utilized by the U.S. military in Iraq and Guantanamo. The U.K. Bar Association Chair stated that the "extreme ...
Email from David Bowker to William H. Taft IV, James H. Thessin, Edwards R. Cummings, Joshua L. Dorosin and Todd F. Buchwald re: Draft list of priorities on International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) Report. No attachment.
Emails refer to a document apparently described as or entitled Jul 1 info paper. [Document is not included].