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State Department memo re: Detainees: Policy and Status. Completely redacted except for "Abu Ghraib: Multiple DoD investigations are currently underway. To date, one of the seven soldiers originally accused of crimes has faced a Special Court ...
Emails between Cara Abercrombie and Josua Dorosin re: Detainees Policy and Status
Jan. 12, 2005
Cara L. Abercrombie
Joshua L. Dorosin
Cara L. Abercrombie, Joshua L. Dorosin
Email from Cara Abercrombie requesting clearance for an issue paper on detainees. No attachment included.
Email from Andrew Sagor to Todd F. Buchwald, Joshua L. Dorosin, Robin H. Sakoda and Cara L. Abercrombie re: Clearance/comments needed on red response letter, with an attachment not included. Mr. Sagor's comments are "S/WC1 has been tasked to ...
Email from Jonathan Carpenter to Joshua Lipshutz re: Clearance/comments needed on red border response letter. With the comment "couple of suggestions. thanks. jc." The email is forwarding an email from Andrew Sagor with an attachment entitled ...