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An email to Jameel Jaffer informing him that, though the Department of Defense is withholding a draft response to Congressional Questions for the Record in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 15, 2005, the final versions of the ...
This memo focuses on a discussion and reporting in the UK that the British officials do not want their citizens returned to the UK for trial on terrorism charges and are willing to allow them to be tried at Guantanamo. the memo points out what ...
Handwritten note. The name Dave Nahmias, DOJ is readable. Also, the Pentagon is mentioned. Contents Completely Redacted.
Feb. 06, 2006
David E. Nahmias
David E. Nahmias
A document production cover letter from the Department of Defense to the ACLU in the ACLU's FOIA litigation for documents related to the treatment of detainees. The letter notes the release of the Taguba Report and some documents from the Defense ...
Oct. 19, 2004
Letter, Judicial
Stewart F. Aly
Megan Lewis
Stewart F. Aly, Sean H. Lane, Antonio Taguba