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Email from Michael Newton to numerous State Department officials seeking approval to clear a cable for distribution concerning military commissions. Attachment not included.
State Department memo on a meeting Amb. Prosper had with International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) President Kellenberger concerning a certain detainee and the need for "public knowledge" of discussions on his status to address concerns ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Non-legal Memo
Ed Cummings
Colin L. Powell
Colin L. Powell, Pierre-Richard Prosper, Edward R. Cummings, William Howard Taft, IV, Beth Jones
DOS Memo from William H. Taft to Secretary of State Powell re: Photographing POWs and the Geneva Conventions. Summary redacted. Discussion explores the US position on photographing and/or releasing photographs of POWs.
Message entirely redacted except for a footnote that states "Note: The detainee's father — who has publicized his son's situation by occupying in a cage in downtown Stockholm throughout the past week — staged a protest in front of the Embassy on ...
Emails discuss revisions made to talking points and an interview.
Email includes a cable with the following subject: International Committee of the Red Cross delivers note verbale on 'rights and duties' of the U.S. as occupying power. Email is completely redacted.
This State department cable concerns a meeting between Amb. Pierre-Richard Prosper and Jakob Kellenberger, President of the International Committee for the Red Cross. The discussion focused on detention issues regarding Guantanamo, Iraq, and ...
Nov. 23, 2004
Pierre-Richard Prosper, Edward R. Cummings