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Email from Brent Blaschke with the comments "Here's the latest GTMO matrix for the SVTS". Attachment not included
Jan. 12, 2005
Brent E. Blaschke
William Howard Taft, IV | JoAnn J. Dolan
Brent E. Blaschke , JoAnn J. Dolan, William Howard Taft, IV
This State Department memo addresses the issue of transferring and repatriating the Guantanamo detainees against the requirements of the Geneva Convention. The memo highlights the Geneva Convention provision which states, in part, "POWs shall be ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Non-legal Memo
David W. Bowker
David W. Bowker, William Howard Taft, IV, James H. Thessin, Edward R. Cummings, Brent E. Blaschke
DOS Memo re: Talking Points on Australian National Detained at Guantanamo. The memo states that "Australian legal experts will visit the White House to discuss the issue of Australian nationals detained at Guantanamo Bay." and "The Legal Adviser ...
Dec. 30, 2004
Non-legal Memo
Colin L. Powell, Brent E. Blaschke , William Howard Taft, IV