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This article describes inquires by the Army's Criminal Investigation Division and the Pentagon into the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal in Iraq.
Mar. 15, 2013
Ricardo Sanchez, Donald H. Rumsfeld, Donald J. Ryder
Emails discuss a "HASC murder board." The emails are heavily redacted. An attached document contains an operations update for the Secretary of Defense.
Feb. 15, 2006
Donald J. Ryder, Ricardo Sanchez, Donald H. Rumsfeld
Emails discuss a meeting with Secretary of Defense, Donald H. Rumsfeld, to discuss the following: detainee deaths, homicides and investigations, Red Cross issues, Migration of interrogation techniques and interrogations (GTMO - Baghram - Iraq), ...
Emails discuss notes from a Technical Integration Group Engaged in Research (TIGER) Team meeting. The email mentions that Lieutenant Kieth Alexander thinks there may be a pattern between critical events and abuses (e.g. riots-abuses; ...

[Partially unreadable] Interview of MG Barbara G. Fast's July 20, 2004 Statement re: AG. Interviewed by LTG Jones and MG Fay. Fay explained there was pressure for interrogators to perform, but stated did not believe there was pressure to ...

Transcript of the testimony of Donald Rumsfeld, Gen. Richard Myers (chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), Les Brownlee (Acting Sec. of the Army), Gen. Peter Shoomaker (Army Chief of Staff), and Lt. Gen. Lance Smith (U.S. Central Command Dep. ...
Dec. 31, 2004
Interview (Transcript)
Duncan Lee Hunter, Isaac Newton Skelton IV, Donald H. Rumsfeld, Joseph M. Darby, Antonio Taguba, Richard B. Myers, Romie Leslie Brownlee, Mark Traecey Patrick Kimmitt, John P. Abizaid, Geoffrey D. Miller, Donald J. Ryder, Ricardo Sanchez, David D. McKiernan, Lance L. Smith, Peter Schoomaker, Hugh James Saxton, Paul Mikolashek, Lance L. Smith, Janis Leigh Karpinski, John McKee Spratt, Jr., William McClellan Thornberry, Lane Allen Evans, Wayne Curtis Weldon, Lamar Seeligson Smith, Hugh James Saxton, John M. McHugh, Terry Everett, Roscoe G. Bartlett, Howard P. McKeon, John N. Hostlettler, Walter B. Jones, Jim Ryun, Jim Gibbons, Robin Hayes, Heather Wilson, Ken Calvert, Robert Ruhl Simmons, Jo Ann Davis, Edward L. Schrock, W. Todd Akin, J. Randy Forbes, Jeff Miller, Joe Wilson, Frank L. Lobiondo, Tom Cole, Joseph E. Bradley, Robert William Bishop, Michael R. Turner, John Kline, Candice S. Miller, John Phillip Gingrey, Michael Dennis Rogers, Trent Franks, Randall Harold Cunningham, John McKee Spratt, Jr., Solomon Porfirio Ortiz, Gary Eugene Taylor, Neil Abercrombie, Martin Meehan, Silvestre Reyes, Victor F. Snyder, James Turner, David Adam Smith, Loretta Sanchez, Douglas Carmichael McIntyre II, Ciro Davis Rodriguez, Ellen O'Kane Tauscher, Robert A. Brady, Baron Paul Hill, John Barry Larson, Susan A. Davis, James R. Langevin, Steve Israel, Richard Ray Larsen, James Hayes Shofner Cooper , James Creel Marshall, Kendrick G. Meek, Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Rodney Alexander, Timothy John Ryan
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