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CIA copy of the complete text of the Article 15-6 Investigation of the 800th Military Policy Brigade by Maj. Gen. Antonio M. Taguba (the U.S. Army's report on Iraqi prisoner abuse at the Abu Ghraib Prison in Baghdad). The report is also known ...
Email refers to preparatory interview questions for DOD Officials, Colonel Thomas Pappas, Brigadier General James Coggin, Deputy Commanding General Walter Wojdakowski, Lieutenant General Kieth B. Alexander and Commanding General Donald J. Ryder, ...
This document is an exchange of emails between Army Officials concerning an upcoming interview with the Schlesinger Panel. The document is mostly redacted but states in the top email "Interview Prep Page Ryder.doc: Sir, here are all of the panel ...
Feb. 15, 2006
Donald J. Ryder
Donald J. Ryder, James R. Schlesinger, Walter Wojdakowski, Thomas Pappas, Keith B. Alexander

An email between members of the Staff Judge Advocate, forwarding a Washington Post article titled "Documents Helped Sow Abuse, Army Report Finds," from August 30, 2004.

This is the deposition of Brigadier General Janis L. Karpinski regarding conditions at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility. In her interview, Gen. Karpinski testified that she visited cell blocks 1A and 1B regularly; that Abu Ghraib housed juveniles ...
Interviewee tated that he/she never witnessed abuse, but once saw "use of dog but I do not know who used them or for what. The event happened at WOODSIDE." Also stated that "[t]here was another time in November when an MP used loud music which ...
Mar. 03, 2005
Interview (Transcript)
Thomas Pappas
Use of phobias, Sleep deprivation, Environmental manipulation, Light or sound
Sworn statement by 97B counterintelligence agent stating the he "overheard someone making a statement about a detainee dying while being interrogated by an Other Government Agency (OGA) official. The OGA then packed the detainee in ice and ...
Mar. 03, 2005
Interview (Transcript)
Thomas Pappas, Ricardo Sanchez
Physical assault, Other
Sworn statement of Staff Sergeant Deployed to Abu Ghraib Correctional Facility, Abu Ghraib, Iraq October 2003. The SSG stated they were given a tour of the facility including the screening sites, Hard Site, and Camp Vigilant, but did not observe ...
Mar. 03, 2005
Interview (Statement)
Thomas Pappas, Ricardo Sanchez
Use of phobias