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This document is a heavily redacted letter from Scott Muller to the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence proposing a draft response to a Human Rights Watch letter.
June 10, 2016
Non-legal Memo
Scott W. Muller
John McLaughlin
Scott W. Muller, John McLaughlin
CIA copy of Washington Post article discussing prisons in Iraq, the CIA's interrogations, and the use of torture and rendition.

A heavily redacted version of a report authored by the CIA's Office of the Inspector General.  The report was later released in less-redacted form.  It discusses the CIA's use of the "enhanced interrogation techniques," ...

This documents is Appendix A of the CIA's Special Review.  It describes the procedures and resources for the drafting of the Special review.

Aug. 14, 2004
Oversight Report
John L. Helgerson
George J. Tenet, John McLaughlin