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On 1/18/04, a detainee gave a statement about abuse he had suffered at Abu Ghraib and also stated that he had witnessed a translator forcibly sodomizing a male juvenile detainee while a female U.S. soldier observed and took pictures. (This ...

Report of investigation into a shooting at Abu Ghraib prison on November 24, 2003. Ameed Sa'eed Al-Sheikh, a.k.a. Ameen Mohammed Sami Al-Sheikh, a Syrian national, had acquired a pistol and two knives that had been smuggled to him by an outside ...
Nov. 08, 2004
Investigative File (CID), Photograph
William A. Cathcart, Steven L. Jordan, Shannon K. Snider, Ivan L. Frederick, II, Robert Elliot
Ameed Sa'eed Al-Sheikh
Physical assault