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The document is an internal FBI email, regarding a Monday, December 13, 2004 DCI briefing. The email includes a brief synopsis of the information presented at that meeting, including updates from Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Spain.
The document is an internal FBI email sent to FBI Director Robert Mueller, including a brief synopsis of an AG briefing that covered the issues of MEK interviews and the impact of potential press on ongoing operations.
Jan. 15, 2010
Robert S. Mueller
Robert S. Mueller, John S. Pistole, Gary M. Bald, Arthur M. Cummings, II
Email describes Abu Ghraib Prison and the challenges in running it. Ed Lueckenhoff states that he met with AUSAs Dana Biehl and Bruce Pagel who toured the prison. Pagel advised Lueckenhoff that he was aware of the allegations of abuse at the ...
Emails discussed possible abuse in Abu Grarib prison. M.C. Briese stated he did not witness any mistreatment, however, stated Abu Graib was understaffed. Also, referred Caproni to CJIS and HRT management, explaining those offices spent a great ...
Email is to report a serious report of Detainee abuse. No details given.
Edward H. Lueckenhoff's email detailes the problems at Abu Ghurayb prison and that he met with AUSAs Dana Biehl and Bruce Pagel who visited the prison. He states that AUSA Pagel advised that he [Pagel] was aware of the allegations of abuse at the ...
FBI email attaching report that provides details from an individual who observed serious physical abuses of civilian detainees in Iraq.
Email from Thomas J. Harrington to Valerie Caproni re: BOC E-mail, Priority, January 24, 2004 [redacted] Allegations regarding Abu Ghurayb Prison. Mr. Harrington forwarded an e-mail to Caproni, he believed the e-mail contained "interesting ...
May 27, 2004 Iraq Daily Situation Report. John Pistole is asking Valerie Caproni to review the "2nd paragraph" of the report "re: the techniques" and to discuss it with him and Gary Bald. Email is heavily redacted as to content.
The document includes notes from interviews conducted with FBI personnel [Redacted], regarding his work experience with the Hostage Rescue Team, concerns about the Department of Defense's interrogation techniques, and the discrepancy between his ...
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