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This document contains several Court-Martial following an investigation into the deaths of two (2) detainees at the Bagram Control Point (BCP) in Bagram, Afghanistan. Both detainees were determined to have been killed by blood clots that were ...

Nov. 05, 2008
Investigative File (CID), UCMJ (Court-Martial)
Habibullah, Dilawar
Physical assault, General

This CID Report investigates numerous allegations of abuse that occurred in September and November of 2003 in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib Prison. Included in the file is the testimony of detainee victims and members of the 372nd Military Police ...

In December 2002, at the Bagram Detention Facility, two Afghan detainees died while in the custody of US forces. The deaths were determined to be a result of blunt force trauma. Based on the information contained in the document and the related ...
Feb. 15, 2006
Investigative File (CID)
Dilawar, Habibullah
Physical assault