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Email from FBI to Major General Geoffrey D. Miller re: FBI concerns over the Defense Human Intelligence Services' (DHS) draft interrogation plan

Nov. 22, 2002 | FBI | ACLU-RDI 4880
Email expressing the FBI's concerns with the DHS' draft plan, which the DHS presented to the DoD as a DHS/FBI plan. The author writes that they are notifying the Major General of their strenuous opposition to the interrogation plan, describing the plan as having an "overall coercive nature," as being a "fear based approach" and possibly being illegal or as having illegal elements. [The email possibly references Dr. Michael Gelles when it states "NCIS Chief Psychologist, Dr. [redacted] was scheduled to arrive on 21 November for the purpose of evaluating the DHS and FBI plans, the JIG did not solicit Dr. [redacted] professional opinion." Gelles was the Chief Psychologist at the time].