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DOS Cable re: Guidance and Talking Points to Foreign Governments Concerning Their Citizens Detained at Guantanamo Bay, September 24, 2002

Sept. 24, 2002 | DOS | ACLU-RDI 4246
State Department cable reporting on a meeting between an Ambassador and the representative of the wives and family members of detainees’ held at Guantanamo. A letter was passed to the Ambassador and a request to visit the detainees to check on their health and condition. This cable contains talking points to address the status of these citizens being held at Guantanamo. The cable goes on to state; 1) The U.S. government cannot address specific questions about specific detainees at this time; 2) all detainees are being treated humanely and in accordance with the Geneva Conventions; and 3) all detainees are being give appropriate food, adequate toiletry items and access to health and sanitary facilities. Detainees will be sent home at the end of the hostilities.