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DOS Cable re: Guidance and Talking Points to Foreign Governments Concerning Their Citizens Detained at Guantanamo, January 22, 2002

Jan. 20, 2002 | ACLU-RDI 3576
This State Department cable is to US Missions/Embassies informing them that they should inform the governments where they are located about the transfer of that government's citizens/nationals to Guantanamo, and to share the information concerning those persons with the citizen's government. The local US Mission/Embassy officials are to tell the host government that “a number of individuals detained in relation to military operations in Afghanistan include “X” number of national(s) of your country” and that The US does not intend to make names of the individuals being detained at Guantanamo Bay public at this time, since these individuals pose a threat to the United States and international peace and security. For operational and for security reasons, we have transported them to the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo. Also assurances should be given to the host government that “All detainees will be treated humanely”, as well as a fair assessment of their legal status; potential for facing trial for terrorist activities; and allowing foreign governments to have access to the detainees.