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Formica Report Annex 55: Statement of Military Intelligence Analyst

July 6, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 2545
Sworn statement by an intelligence analyst responsible for pre-briefing and post-briefing interrogators about detainees. Talks about interrogation procedures. Mentions that "a detainee came to us, who is now at Abu Ghraib. When he came he was catatonic... It came out that he was tortured.... Based on his physical appearance, there was no other explanation." Emphasizes that a number of allegations of abuse were based entirely on hearsay, and states, "I have nothing to substantiate, one way or another, abusive behavior in detention facilities." States that detainees captured or held by "Spanish, Kurds, Italians, and Special Forces, came in a bit more bruised than others." Regarding off-the-books facilities: "[Redacted] is definitely running an interrogation facility somewhere. I have no idea where it is located. They can't be reached by SIPR, NIPR or DNVT.... This is why we weren't getting the reports, because they don't write IRs, PIRs or SIRs. They write INSUMs, intelligence summaries, off their interrogations, then the guy is telling me they're holding them for two weeks, 72 hours, they're definitely being held somewhere. [Redacted] told me they were holding them for two weeks."