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Formica Report Annex 51: Statement of Interrogator

July 1, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 2541
Sworn statement by a senior interrogator located at Radwaniya Palace Complex (RPC) from May to September 2003. Discusses interrogation procedures at a Temporary Holding Facility, and states, "Once detainees arrive, they are searched, screened for interrogation purposes, medically screened, and photographed as per the THF SOP." States, "If the detainee claims to be innocent, but the intelligence packet states otherwise...I will explain that they are facing time in Abu Ghraib.... During interrogations I will invade a detainee's personal space, get face to face with him, and start yelling if need be." States, "I personally think that stress positions border on torture." Interrogator states that he taught Approach techniques and Law of War classes at Fort Huachuca and that he made it clear that torture was illegal and unreliable; the course "did not teach sleep deprivation as an approach technique and never had." "When I arrived here in APR 04 and saw that [redacted] had authorized sleep management, I could not believe it. I believe sleep management to be nothing more than sleep deprivation clothed under a new name." Mentions two detainees who "had been beaten and were bound with wire" before being brought to RPC.