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Formica Report Annex 50: Statement by Command Sergeant Major re: Detainee Interrogations

June 26, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 2540
Sworn statement by a Command Sergeant Major. States that detainees have "generally been blindfolded, hooded, or both." States that sometimes detainees were not immediately given blankets or mats, but "the longest I've seen someone without a blanket or mat was probably 24 hours." Mentions the use of stress positions, "a standing position normally, having to do maybe with the wall." Discusses an allegation of a detainee being kicked; the detainee was found not to be abused. States, "I've heard allegations (of abuse) at Adamiya Palace." Mentions a detainee who was turned over to Coalition Forces "who died later...and was found with a sock in his mouth. There's one who died up in the 103 area under the Task Unit...that was the one in Mosul." Refers to another allegation of abuse that "had to do with kicking."