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CID Report: 0176-2004-CID259-80265

Nov. 11, 2005 | CID | ACLU-RDI 2305
A detainee alleges he was burned with "hot gases" coming from a transport vehicle while he lay on his stomach in the back of the vehicle while being transported. Medical records revealed that the detainee suffered burn injuries which required three months of hospitalization, multiple skin grafts, the amputation of his right index finger, and the permanent loss of the use of his left fifth finger secondary to burn induced skin retraction. The unidentified detainee allegedly suffered extensive burns over his abdomen, anterior aspects of his lower extremities, the palm of his right hand, and the sole of his left foot. It is not known if the detainee received his injuries during capture or transport and whether or not his injuries were accidental or due from negligence, or from a malicious act. But it is known he received his injuries while in custody and to that extent the claim is verified.
  • 2003-07-02, Baghdad, Iraq
    • An Iraqi civilian was arrested and during transportation to the dentition facility he sustained burns about his body that were caused by the heat from the undercarriage of the vehicle he was transported in. The injuries were so severe that it required skin grafts and amputation of his finer. He has also lost the sue of part of his hand/arm. The injuries were verified, but it was not clear if they resulted from abuse or mere negligence on the part of the troops transporting him.