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CID Report: 0074-2004-CID342-64146

Nov. 4, 2004 | CID | ACLU-RDI 1762
Investigation based on civilian contractor's allegation that he witnessed U.S. Marines abusing Iraqi detainees. In a sworn statement the contractor says he saw Marines place bags over an Iraqi prisoners' heads and strike him in the head with a pick-axe handle. The civilian contractor also states that he witnessed Marines repeatedly use slingshots against Iraqi children who were attempting to steal food from the base. There is also an allegation of using a gun as a threat and hitting Iraqi detainees during a car stop. In sworn statements volunteered by the soldiers accused of the threat with the gun incident, they stated that they stopped a vehicle and did have their weapons drawn as part of SOP, but never placed them at the head or mouth of the Iraqi personnel and did not assault or threaten the Iraqis. The Sergeant involved in the car and interpreter incident stated the following: After the car stop “He (the driver) was not placed in cuffs. I did not place my weapon in his mouth. I was carrying a 12 Gauge shotgun. I covered him when he was getting out of the truck. I was out of hand reach from him. I took him to the front of the truck and placed him in a search position.” As for the allegation of a Sergeant assaulting an Iraqi interpreter: the Sergeant admitted to rough handling the Iraqi, but stated “he was not, complying [with my orders for him to leave the compound], so I forcibly moved him to the front gate. That was the end of it.” The investigation was closed due to no further information to prove the allegations.