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Medical Report: 25-Year-Old Iraqi Male, Detainee, Baghdad, Iraq re: Minor Injuries due to Fist-Fight (0084-04-CID519-81169)

Mar. 12, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 1065
25 year-old male detainee was in a fist-fight, no abrasions anywhere, no lacerations, bruising. The detainee later claimed to have been assaulted by a Military Police Officer, but that allegation was proven to be unfounded. The incident is from March 2004 (0084-04-CID519-81169).
  • 2004-06-03, Camp Bucca Theater Internment Facility, Iraq
    • Investigation of assault. Detainee was interviewed and denied being assaulted by any guard. A month later the detainee described being slapped in the face and being shocked with a Taser. When asked why he didn’t tell CID that story when interviewed previously, he said that he had told CID this story. Investigative report refers to two entries from the activities sheet of Camp Bucca dated March 8, 2004 and March 27, 2004 which detailed “use of force against detainees in which detainees were shot.” Investigation concludes victim’s testimony not credible and that victim was not assaulted by any guards while detained at Camp Bucca.