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Fay Report: Statement of Command Sergeant Major, 325th Military Intelligence Battalion re:

May 29, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 896
This sworn statement by a Command Sergeant Major (CSM) for his Unit, the 325th Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion (BN) deployed to Iraq in March 2003. He states "I was only at Abu Ghraib (AG) on three occasions and all three visits were one-day trips. My first visit was on 21 Sep 03, the day after one of my soldiers was, killed in a mortar attack on AG...I saw some jail cells, but I don't believe I toured the area known as the "hard site". Most of the prisoners I saw were in a fenced area surrounded with barbed wire. All the prisoners I saw that day were clothed in regular Arab clothes, and nothing about their clothing jumped out at me. I never saw any prisoner naked or dressed in women's clothing. I never saw any prisoner abuse." The CMS also stated "No one ever told me about any concerns about the treatment of prisoners. I never saw, nor heard of, any prisoner abuse. I never saw, nor heard of, unauthorized photographs or videos of prisoners. I never saw, nor heard of, military working dogs being used in interrogations."