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DOD Memo: Statement of Interrogator, 18th Military Police Brigade, 325th Military Intelligence Battalion re: Interrogation of Detainees at Abu Ghraib Prison

June 4, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 776

Telephonic interview of a Military Intelligence interrogator (Rank & Rate unknown) regarding detainee interrogations at Abu Ghraib prison. The MI Interrogator stated "I never placed any of my detainees on sleep deprivation. I did use a stress position, at first they did not have to be approved, but later they did. I believe I did request Isolation for one detainee. I do not remember who proved it. I believe the individual I requested Isolation for was already in isolation when I received his file, so I had to request to keep him in isolation." The MI officer went on to say "If you simply passed by the hallway by the isolation area you would not see the detainees naked. You had to go up to the cell to see that detainees were naked." Finally the MI officer stated "I never witness or was aware of any detainee abuse, photos or videos of detainee abuse or humiliation of detainees. I never aware of any or witnessed any detainee with women's underwear."

  • Unknown date, Abu Ghraib (Baghdad Correctional Facility (BCCF)), Iraq
    • Interviewee stated in a telephonic interview that he/she requested isolation for a detainee. Stated, "I believe the individual I requested isolation for was [redacted] but he was already in isolation when I received his file, so I had to request to keep him in isolation. We wanted him in isolation to separate him from the group of individuals who had been captured with."