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Fay Report Annex: Statement of a Captain, 72nd Military Police Company, Platoon Leader re: Conditions and Detainee Handling at Abu Ghraib Prison

June 6, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 729
This Captain, a Military Police (MP) Platoon Leader with the 72nd Military Police Company was assigned to Abu Ghraib prison from May 21, 2003 to late October 2003. The Capt. stated "I was one of the first soldiers on the ground and helped set up perimeter security while the rest of the unit convoyed to the location. The secondary mission for the facility was to train the Iraqi corrections officers to eventually take over the facility. During my shifts, I would walk through the facility to make sure things were running smoothly. At least once a night I would physically check on operations. Most of the interrogation activities occurred during the day; I never witnessed a night interrogation. I observed MI making detainees do Physical Training (PT) in tents. On most occasions the Military Intelligence (MI) folks would do the PT with the detainee. I also witnessed Ml making detainees stretch their arms out for extended, but not extensive periods of time. I did not witness any abuse or maltreatment of detainees while at AG. I was never asked nor heard of any other MP being asked by MI to abuse or humiliate detainees. I never witnessed any nakedness of detainees outside of in-processing (I once participated in the search of an inprocessing female). If I would have been asked by Ml to strip a detainee, I would have questioned the request. By doctrine MP's do not employ techniques to control or modify behavior above restraint and segregation. MP's do not utilize humiliation as a form of control."