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Fay Report Annex: Interview of Sergeant First Class Keith A. Comer, Platoon Sergeant, 229th Military Police Company re: Allegations of Detainee Abuse at Abu Ghraib Prison

Feb. 10, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 707

This document is part of the Taguba Report (Annex 83) and included here in the Fay Report. The interview is of Sergeant First Class Keith A. Comer, Platoon Sergeant of the 229th Military Police Company assigned to Abu Ghraib Prison in 2003. The 1SG states that he witnessed incidents of detainee abuse while at Abu Ghraib. The Taguba Report version of this document is substantially less redacted and contains more supporting documents than this version in this Report. It is recommended that you see ACLU RDI 289 for the Taguba Report Annex 83 for a more expansive version of this document.

  • Unknown date, Abu Ghraib (Baghdad Correctional Facility (BCCF)), Iraq
    • Interviewee was a Sergeant First Class of the 229th Military Police Company assigned to AG. Recalled experiencing dire conditions while in AG. Recounted an incident where MI personnel hit, drug, yelled at and abused a handcuffed detainee. The soldier hit the detainee on the back of the head with a closed fist, the soldier yelled '[e]yes down' and '[g]et up' while knocking the suspect down and repeating the verbal abuse. A second soldier joined, and put an arm lock around the detainee's neck, pulling the detainee forward from the ground. The soldier pulled the detainee from the ground by the neck, twisting left and right, the first soldier then stuck the detainee in the mid-section of his stomach.