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Emails between NCIS Officers re: Detainee Abuse Investigations

June 24, 2004 | NCIS | ACLU-RDI 558
The Division Chief, Personal Crimes Department of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service discusses manpower needs at Guantanamo and Iraq and case theory behind investigations, and states "We've held off initiating any action pending the DoD/Navy IG's input on "abuse criteria" and the individual MCIO's AOR. Well it's come down to Gitmo and IMEF in Iraq belonging to NCIS and everything else to Army CID. After lengthy discussions here in the building it's been determined we plan on using our 7G and 7H agency criteria for accepting cases. Of course there will be some flexibility at the field level to consider the totality of the alleged abuse as it relates to the specific environment. The key will be to determine the "aggravated" factor vs. simple assault.”