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Record of Claim for Compensation re: Canadian/U.S. Citizen's Allegation of Abuse at Camp Bucca, Iraq

Apr. 30, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 425

Letter from Detainee's counsel to Army Claims Service for alleged abuse, torture and other mistreatment by U.S. Army in Iraq. The attorney is making the claim under the Military Claimns ack and seeks compensation in excess of $100,000.00. The claimant states that he was wrongly arrested in the spring of 2003 and detained at Camp Bucca, Iraq. In addition to physical abuse and mental trauma, the gentleman states that his money and personal property were taken from him and not returned.

  • 2003-04-09, Camp Bucca Theater Internment Facility, Iraq
    • A gentleman of Iraqi descent with dual Canadian - U.S. citizenship was in Baghdad, Iraq when he was arrested and detained by U.S. Marines. He claims he was wrongly arrested and was subjected to maltreatment and abuse while in custody. He claims he was beaten and had "gun muzzles at his head or body” as a threat of death. He also claims to have been threatened with being sent to Guantanamo should he ever talk about his treatment while in custody.