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Emails between DIA Officers re: Investigation and One of Our Own

May 10, 2004 | DIA | ACLU-RDI 186
This email concerns an investigation in to an account of a DIA/DHS officer who while at the Bagram Collection Point participated in the abuse of an Uzbek who was turned over to Coalition forces by local villagers. The report, unsubstantiated, was that once the Uzbek came in to custody the DIA/DHS officer allegedly “threw a few pooches of his own” on the detainee, who was already beaten-up during his capture by local villagers. The report of detainee abuse was already investigated and determined to be unfounded, but this email between DIA officers concerns attending a meeting on the conduct of the DIA/DHS officer separately accused, and if one or both of the email participants should attend the meeting.