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DIA Cable re: Report of a Corrupt Iraqi Police Officer Working with Coalition Forces

Apr. 2, 2004 | DIA | ACLU-RDI 180
This report concerns an Iraqi police officer, Muhammed Saddam, and by a Kuwaiti interpreter working with Coalition Forces reportedly used his position to target wealthy Iraqis for raids unless they paid him to be left alone. This report focuses on one detainee that was targeted by the pair. This detainee agreed to pay the extortion money in order to have harassing Coalition raids on his home stopped, but the detainee failed to pay the money. He was then seen on the street and confronted by Muhammed Saddam, who had him and his family members arrested and detained. The detainee states he and his family members were beaten and abused in custody because he would not pay the extortion. The abuse included beating the detainee for five hours with open hands and the hose from a water pipe. The Kuwaiti interpreter allegedly hit detainees and forced water bottles into the rectums of five or six mail detainees. Report contains physical description of Muhammed Saddam and the unnamed Kuwaiti interpreter.