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CID Report: 0117-04-CID259-80188

May 31, 2004 | CID | ACLU-RDI 152
A CID investigation was initiated after an interrogator stated that he knew of abuse had occurred at the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP). The interrogator said that he was reporting this conduct because he felt the actions were inhumane even though every harsh interrogation was approved. However, the interrogator stated he did not have any first hand, direct or personnel knowledge of these accusations as being true, rather, he claims to have heard the allegation from an unnamed NCOIC. The abuse purportedly included sleep deprivation, tight hand-cuffs and a guard offering a prisoner a water bottle with urine in it instead of water. There are no specific dates or identifiable events in the allegations to document them as an incident to be confirmed. The CID investigation was closed because “the subject of this investigation is a member of TF 6-26 and the Special Agent in Charge, Security Operations Training Facility, has accepted investigative jurisdiction in this matter”.
  • 2004-04-21, Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) (Victory Base Complex), Iraq
    • A detainee at the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) holding facility urinated in a water bottle while in his holding cell. A guard cleaning the cell out saw the bottle of urine and held it to the detainee's nose and explained to him this was "unacceptable behavior". The guard admitted to this and was disciplined for acting inappropriately.