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NCIS Report (Death): 10JUN06-MPGT-0031-7HNA/C; Yasser Talal Al Zahrani, Mana Shaman Al Tabi, Ali Abdulla Ahmed, Detention Facility, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, June 10, 2006 ("Suicide") [PART 5 of 9]

This is an NCIS investigation of the apparent suicide deaths of three Guantanamo Bay detainees on June 10, 2009. The Detainees: Yasser Al Zahrani; Mana Shaman Allabardi Al Tabi; and Ali Abdullah Ahmed each apparently took their own lives by hanging themselves in their cells in a coordinated suicide. This NCIS report provides an assessment of the investigation into their apparent suicides. [PART 5 of 9]