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CID Report (Death): 0058-2007-CID789-23677-5H9A; Abd Al-Jabber-Sulayman Hasan, Theater Internment Facility (TIF), Camp Cropper, Baghdad, Iraq, November 8, 2007 ("Natural")

Feb. 25, 2008 | CID | ACLU-RDI 5563
This is a CID investigation in to the death of Abd Al-Jabber-Sulayman Hasan, a detainee at Theater Internment Facility (TIF), Camp Cropper. While Mr. Hasan was a detainee at Camp Cropper he was seen and treated for Edema & Congestive Heart Failure at the 31st Combat Support Hospital (CSH), Camp Cropper. It is reported that on November 8, 2007 Mr. Hasan's condition required him to be transferred to the 86th CHS, in the International Zone, Baghdad. Mr. Hasan died while being treated at the 86th CHS for his illness. Cause of Death: Acute Myocardial Infarction; Manner of Death: Natural.