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Taguba Report Annex 82: Testimony of Master Sergeant Andrew J. Lombardo, 310th Military Police Battalion

Feb. 17, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 288
Testimony of Master Sargent Andrew J. Lombardo, Operations Sergeant Major, 310th Military Police Battalion.MSG Lombardo described his understanding of the rights of detainees in custody the following way “Detainees have certain rights that you have to abide by. They're entitled to mail, to contact with the outside, to read a copy of the Geneva Convention in their own language, to recreation, and to food and lodging. Our MPs need to know the provisions of the Geneva Convention”. He then stated “I do not know of any cases of prisoner abuse. I am aware of a soldier displaying a Star of David to a detainee, an allegation of that”. And continued with “That's all I can recall, I've seen pictures in the newspapers, regarding the Bucca incident, but I've never read them. I'm vaguely familiar with the Abu Ghraib riot. I am aware of the shooting. I received an email, regarding a revised uniform policy, when in close proximity to detainees. We did inquire as to when the drafts would be finalized, but I haven't received a response”. He then went over his understanding of interrogation procedures and the Rules of Engagement for prisoners. The interview was then concluded.