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Schmidt-Furlow Report Enclosure 29: Summarized Witness Statement

Feb. 9, 2005 | DOA | SOUTHCOM | ACLU-RDI 2351
Summarized witness statement of Sargent stationed at Guantanamo from August 2002 to February 2003. She was an interrogator with the Gulf States Team. The Sargent states that she may have touched a detainee or put my hand close to a detainee's face so the detainee had to acknowledge my existence, but never in a forceful or sexual manner. I would get close to a detainee to ensure he was paying attention to me and make sure that he was focused on the interrogation and stated “I would yell at detainee's occasionally to emphasis a point”. And that she would use music to soothe the detainee's, but that the music was “Arabic, not heavy metal, rap or anything like that”. She denies knowing about sleep deprivation being used.