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NCIS Report (Death): 05FEB07-24IZ-0023-7HMA; Hasan Salih Mohammed, Battle Position (BP) Tarawa, Iraq, February 5, 2007

Mar. 22, 2007 | NCIS | ACLU-RDI 5763
This is an NCIS investigation into the death of Hasan Salih Mohammed, an Iraqi civilian who died following a Task Force 88 raid in Tawara Iraq on February 5, 2007. Mr. Mohammed died of unknown causes while being taken in to custody. His body was left on the helicopter Landing Zone (LZ) the night of his death, but was eventually recovered by Marine Patrol 3/4 Kilo Co. and turned over to Iraqi Policemen (IP). The IPs brought the body to the local hospital that eventually released the body to Mr. Mohammed's son. Mr. Mohammed's son returned the body to village of Beyji, Iraq for local burial, Mr. Mohammed's home village. This file contains a Report of Investigation (March 22, 2007), containing a Statement from a member of the Marine Patrol 3/4 Kilo Co. that found Mr. Mohammed's body on February 8th, 2007, approximately three days after the incident. The Patrol stated they called Iraqi Police, and turned the body over to them. The Marine did offer that an examination of the body revealed bruising about the neck & shoulders, and drew a sketch of the area where Mr. Mohammed was found. Attachments redacted under NCIS Deleted Page Information Sheet.