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NCIS Report: (10AUG04-MEBJ-0337-7XMA)

Oct. 8, 2004 | NCIS | ACLU-RDI 571
This case involves two Marines posing for pictures with an Enemy Prisoner of War while they were guarding him. In the pictures, the two Marines are aiming their M-16 service rifles in close proximity at the EPW, who had recently received medical treatment for a single gunshot to the back. Both Marines had recently been counseled about the "No Photography" policy after an incident where a detainee had been videotaped, but only one admitted to knowing the rule. One of the Marines claimed that the photographs were for the purpose of souvenirs, and that he had no intention of harming or killing any EPWs. He further claimed that "After talking with Special Agent [redacted] I understand the problems that these kind of actions can cause but I don't understand why [redacted] and I are getting in trouble. I know [redacted] may have violated an order if he was told not to take any more photographs but people need to understand that taking these kind of photographs are very common at the STP and it is accepted by everyone" (DODDON 000447). Both Marines received a reduction of rank to E-2, forfeiture of $250 per month for two months and 60 days restriction.