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Formica Report Annex 37: Memo for Record: Detainees Basic Tenant Rights IAW Geneva Convention and Army Regulations

June 15, 2004 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 2526
References documents that outline minimum standard of living for detainees, including the Geneva Conventions, Army Regulations, and Army Field Manual. Notes that Army Regulations do not address "temporary holding facilities of a capturing unit," and that the Field Manual "does not articulate the minimum standard a capturing unit must provide in the form of shelter or manner of detention, thus the standard must be relative to that of a forward collection point." States that "use of chains bolted to the floor as a means of securing detainees for a short period of time ... is acceptable," and that "securing detainees in a cement cell with dimensions of 4ft long, 3.10ft high and 1.5ft wide secured by a sliding metal door is acceptable for a short duration not exceeding 24 hours."