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FBI Interview of Special Agent re: Conditions at Guantanamo

Sept. 7, 2004 | FBI | ACLU-RDI 6188
A transcript of an interview with an FBI Special Agent who was part of an interviewing team at Guantanamo Bay. The transcript first notes that interviews in the evening were conducted by those who were gathering intelligence; the purpose of the interviews was to gain as much information as possible from the detainees before they were exposed to the general detainee population. Second, it notes that female military intelligence personnel were used to disrupt detainees who were praying during interrogations by wetting their hands then touching the detainee's face, which would cause the detainee to feel unclean and stop praying. Third, the transcript notes an incident where a detainee was found crying on the floor with a bleeding nose. Fourth, the agent reviews the structure of the facility. Fifth, the transcript concluded by saying that the agent, "had no indication of systemic detainee abuse at GTMO."