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Fay Report Annex: DOD Interview re: Conditions at Abu Ghraib Detention Facility

May 25, 2004 | DOD | ACLU-RDI 747
Interviewee was assigned to AG on September 15, 2003. Interviewee provided a sworn statement in which he/she stated that at Camp Cropper, "it was well known that detainees who were brought into the facility complained of beatings from members of Seal team 5 and TF 20 personnel. Stated that a Syrian detainee named Hussein informed him/her that a MP pulled a 9mm pistol and put it to the detainee's head. Recalled recording possible abuse of another Syrian detainee who may have been hit by MPs, "cutting his ear to the extent that it required stitches." Recalled an incident where she heard a dog barking and walked into a cell to see a detainee in his underwear on a mattress on the floor with a dog standing over him. Noted seeing a barking dog in an interrogation cell and refers to this as a 'fear up' technique, and stated that a female colleague told the interviewee that she had stripped an uncooperative detainee and walked from the conex area to the Camp Vigilant area on a cold night of about 30 degrees. Also noted it was "common practice to use sleep deprivation and sleep management with the detainees. . . .It was also common that the detainees on MI hold in the hard site were initially kept naked and given clothing as an incentive to cooperate with us." Reported knowledge of incident in which interrogators made a female detainee remove her shirt. Added, "it was common knowledge that [redacted] used sleep deprivation and dogs while he was on his special projects, working directly for Col Pappas." Reported hearing dogs being used on detainees and MPs referring to "doggy dance" sessions. Also, described another incident in which two naked prisoners were made to crawl on the floor. The text is similar to the statement made in ACLU RDI 746. [Text is very similar to statement in DOD000508-DOD000511].