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Emails between Army Officers re: CID Report: 0841-04-CID259-80230

Dec. 8, 2008 | DOA | ACLU-RDI 1552

Emails record the correspondences of the investigating agent with multiple army personnel regarding the details of what units and actual soldiers were holding the detainee. The agent conducts an exhaustive search but is unable to match the description given by the detainee of the soldier who abused him. The most the investigating officer is able to find is two men who saw the detainee in a shower room waiting to be transferred. They stated that he was not and did not appear abused in any way.

  • 2004-02-08, Camp Baghdadi, Iraq
    • A detainee claims to have been assaulted while in custody at Camp Al Baghdadi. The detainee had his injuries substantiated and the conclusion of the report was that the detainee was abused. The report found that the detainee was handcuffed and dragged across the ground, "hog tied" and hung (suspended) from a chain by his handcuffs, kicked,. and forced to drink water until he vomited.