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Email from Jonathan Carpenter to Andrew Sagor, Joshua Dorosin and Rexon Ryu re: Clearance/Comments Needed on Red Border Response Letter

July 22, 2004 | DOS | ACLU-RDI 4144
Email from Jonathan Carpenter to Joshua Lipshutz re: Clearance/comments needed on red border response letter. With the comment "couple of suggestions. thanks. jc." The email is forwarding an email from Andrew Sagor with an attachment entitled "response letter on specific detainees” with the comment "S/WCI has been tasked to respond to this red border soonest concerning a detainee said to be held at Abu Ghraib. There are several other letters like it as well. I've drafted a response in coordination with NEA/I and am requesting your comments/clearance so Amb. Prosper can sign it before COB today. Thanks for your help, Andy Sagor."