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Email from FBI Inspection Division to FBI Employees re: Counterterrorism Division, Guantanamo, Inspection Special Inquiry #297-HQ-A1327669-A

Email from Inspections Division seeking response from FBI employees who served at GTMO after 9/11/01. The email specifically requests a response from employees who "observed aggressive treatment, interrogations or interview techniques on Guantanamo detainees which w[ere] not consistent with Bureau interview policy/guidelines." Based on FBI memos responding to this inquiry (Case ID # 297-HQ-A1327669-A), this email may be from Steven C. McCraw, Inspection Division, and dated 07/09/2004. The torture database contains multiple FBI memos that appear to respond to this email. To find them copy the case number: 297-HQ-A1327669-A into the free search box on the database homepage.