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Email from Clifton M. Johnson to Pierre-Richard Prosper, JoAnn Dolan, David Kaye and Others, DOS re: News Article in the Independent (UK): UK Law Lord Criticizes Gitmo Policy

Nov. 26, 2003 | DOS | ACLU-RDI 3966
Email from Clifton Johnson forwarding an article in the Independent (UK) with the headline "Guantanamo treatment is 'monstrous', says law lord", Dated November 26, 2003. The forwarding comments are: "Folks, The story below was in today's Independent. Because it is so unusual for such a senior legal official in the UK to opine on such a matter, I am wondering whether we are preparing any press guidance on it. If so, we'd be very interested in receiving a copy as we expect the UK story to have a ripple effect here. Best, Cliff."