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Email between DOD Officials re: Press Release Regarding Detainee Death and Abuse Investigations

May 20, 2004 | DOD | ACLU-RDI 2117
Email refers to a proposed press release from the Commanding General discussing the detainee death and abuse investigations. [The press release is attached, the first page of the attachment is blank]. The press release explains that there are nine death cases still "active pending investigations," eight of the nine are homicide cases, it is suspected that the detainees were fatally assaulted either during or before interrogations. There are also twelve soldier misconduct cases mentioned, ten are assaults (soldiers kicked, punched and/or threatened detainees) and two are sexual assaults. Also mentioned in the press release are twenty-seven, of sixty-nine, CID investigations. The cases are classified as follows: three death investigations and twenty-four soldier misconduct investigations. One of the deaths is a murder case, a soldier shot and killed an Afghan who allegedly lunged towards a weapon. The other two cases are mentioned as active pending investigations, in the first case, an Iraqi national drowned after being pushed off of a bridge. In the second case, an Iraqi was shot and killed after he allegedly lunged at an officer. In regards to the twenty-four soldier misconduct cases mentioned, six are assaults (soldiers punched, kicked and/or fired a weapon at or near a detainee) and eighteen are thefts.